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Welcome to DOMENICA

An Accessible Approach to HR & Safety

Located in Seattle, DOMENICA is a leader in providing cost-effective human resources and risk management solutions and support to all company sizes and industry-types.


Our mission is to develop, implement, and support programs and processes that add value to the partners we work with and their employees, resulting in the improvement of employee welfare, empowerment, growth, and retention. We strive to remove barriers to employment services, for our nonprofits and small business clients-- creating a space where operation development and safety is accessible to all.


Our approach is proactive, preventative, and impactful to create real change in the workplace from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies across the state of Washington and the US.

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Why does my small business need HR? 

“After receiving a training through DOMENICA, I feel more confident in my abilities to keep myself and my employees safe.”
"Andrea was able to make the benefits and compliance process easy to understand. She was able to step into the role and see where improvements and efficiencies could be made and then set a plan  in motion to make effective, immediate change.

Whether you need long or short term support for Human Resources or Compliance-- I could not recommend her enough!"
"We used a third party HR company in the past, but found DOMENICA services to be more personable, effective, and customized to fit our needs and budget."  

Meet Andrea

CEO & Executive People Partner

Founder and People Partner, Andrea Domenica (Stanley) has over 10 years experience as a professional trainer and public speaker and over 7 years of risk management and human resource experience. With Domenica Consulting, she designs and executes HR and training programs over a variety of employment topics across the Northwest and nationwide. 


Andrea has lead the implementation of accident prevention plans and standardize orientation systems in companies of all sizes and industries. She specializes in all things HR, facility safety inspections, training, and the education of employment standards under federal and Washington law.


Andrea remains an active community constituent as a board member, panelist, consultant, volunteer, and sponsor for a variety of Washington nonprofits and government programs.

Andrea Domenica
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